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Does your baby have infantile hemangioma?

An MGH sponsored study on Hemangioma Your baby may qualify for a RESEARCH STUDY to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of two treatments that may prevent growth of hemangiomas – pulsed-dye laser treatment, and timolol maleate 0.5% opthalmic solution topical treatment for very early infantile hemangiomas. Pulsed-dye laser is widely used in children, and is approved by the FDA for treating hemangioma. This procedure has a few minor side effects that are most often temporary. Timolol is used frequently for the treatment of childhood glaucoma with few side effects, and has been shown to be effective in treating a case of hemangioma in infant. It is not yet an approved treatment for hemangioma. An important question being tested in this study is whether these treatments can prevent hemangioma from growing, when used very early after the birth of your child. Qualifications:

  • Your infant is less than 3 months, male or female
  • Your infant has one or more superficial hemangiomas in the very early stage
  • Your infant has no severe heart, asthma or lung disease
  • Your infant is not on any other treatment for the hemangioma
  • Photos, measurements, and treatment with either pulsed-dye laser or timolol or no treatment
  • Up to 13 study visits, less than 1 hour each, over two years period
  • Up to $385 in compensation for time and travel (parking sticker will also be provided)

For more information, please email:
Thanh Nga Tran at (617) 724-4937, or
H. Ray Jalian at (617) 724-4937