Boston Gala 2013

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We sincerely thank all of our friends and sponsors for supporting our work.

Gold Sponsor
The Rehma Fund for Children

Lacquer Sponsor
South Cove Community Health Center

Bamboo Sponsor
Miraca Life Sciences

Lotus Sponsor
Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Dermatology

and Friends of Vietnam VAC

Blooms of Hope & Ms. Nicole Pirani, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Element Day Spa, The Boston Bruins, Harvard Art and Frame, The Liberty Hotel, MGH Flower Shop, MGH Human Resources, Boston Patriots & Mr. Joshua Kraft, Trader Joe’s, Misfit Wearables, Pho Le Restaurant, Dr. Richard Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth and Jenny Kucan, Mr. Rajesh Mohanasundaram, Thuy and Tom Leung, Mr. William Ju, Dr. Frances Lagana and Charlie St. Pierre, Mr. Andrew Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Janice Coggin, Piantedosi Baking Company & Mr. Palani Nadarajah, Dr. Joshua Tam, Living Proof, Dr. Karma Kitaj with Live Spring Coaching, Dr. Betty Yu, Sameer Sabir and Nada Siddiqui, Montilio’s Baking Company, Vinifera Imports - Mr. Toan Dinh, Vinh Phan Art Gallery, Thuy Pham, Beauty Spa Cambridge - Ms. Trinh Do, La Chi Nails Spa - Ms. Elaine Dinh, Dr. Kim Chau and Thi Bui, Berkeley Florist Supply - Mr. Reuven Levi